{No Practice Today – 5/27}

I have received several notes from team members about practice today.  Due to the holiday and many athletes not being able to attend, we are going to cancel today’s practice.  Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!  See you next Wednesday.

Coach Hays


{2016 Archdiocesan Championship Meet Information}

2016 Arch Champs Ranked Performance List

2016 Archdiocesan Champs – Time Schedule

{2016 Area A Meet Results|

Area A Meet Results

More Info to follow

{2016 Area A Meet}

Area A Meet Program 2016 AREA A PROGRAM

Good evening all, I hope this note finds you well.  Tomorrow is going to be a great day for St Joe’s Track.  I can feel the great results.

Key Points:

1. There is only one way into the high school once you exit the Turnpike or 476 and it usually creates a large traffic issue.  The meet starts at 1:00 Sharp so please (no matter what event or events you are participating in) you are there by 12:30.

2. Address is: 201 E Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

3. If you are on a relay, and you are an alternate, please be sure you are able to be there for your team.  We used several alternates last week and it made a huge difference.

4. I have all medals from the regional meet, if you need your medal, please come see me.

5. I ask that everyone arrive on time and be prepared to compete and have fun!

*should you have any questions, please send me an email.

Coach Hays

{Beautiful Day For A Track Meet}

Good morning all, a brief reminder on the timing of today’s meet.  It starts promptly at 1:00 at Bishop Shanahan.  I would like everyone to be there by 12:30.  Please see the attached order of events for today.  Please note that the 4 X 200 is the first event and the 4 X 800 is the second event.  If you are in either, you must be at the meet by 12:30 at the latest.  You will be lined up starting at 12:45.

See you all in a few hours!

Coach Hays

Order of Events:

4X200m RELAY

  • Novice (Girls/Boys)
  • Minor (Girls/Boys)
  • Cadet (Girls/Boys)

4X800 Open Relay

  • Open Girls (Novice, Minor, Open, Open)
  • Open Boys (Novice, Minor, Open, Open)

Sub-Novice 100m

Open 100m

100m Trials

  • Novice (Girls/Boys)
  • Minor (Girls/Boys)
  • Cadet (Girls/Boys)


  • Novice (Girls/Boys)

Minor (Girls/Boys)

Cadet (Girls/Boys)


  • Novice (Girls/Boys)
  • Minor (Girls/Boys)
  • Cadet Girls/Boys)

4X 100m Relay                                                                                           

  • Novice (Girls/Boys)
  • Minor (Girls/Boys)
  • Cadet (Girls/Boys)-

Sub-Novice 800 Meter


  • All Age Groups


  • Novice (Girls/Boys)-
  • Minor (Girls/Boys)
  • Cadet (Girls/Boys)


  • Sub-Novice (By Grade)
  • Novice (Girls/Boys)
  • Minor (Girls/Boys) –
  • Cadet (Girls/Boys)

4X 400m Open Relay

  • Open Girls
  • Open Boys


Field events will be “open pit” all day; but will be called in the following order:

Long Jump

  • Cadet, Minor, Novice

Shot Put

  • Novice, Cadet, Minor

High Jump

  • Minor, Novice, Cadet


1. To find your athlete go to their age group and gender on the correct tab at the bottom of the sheet.

2. If there is a green box, your child is participating in the event at the top in which they have a green box.

3. If they are on a relay and have a number one, that means they are in one of the 4 spots on the relay.  If they have an “A” that means they are an alternate for that relay. (We use alternates OFTEN in these meets)

4. If there is a number in the green box associated with your child’s event, that is either a time, distance or height.

5 SP (shotput), HJ (high jump), LJ (long jump), TJ (triple jump)

6. For the relay’s i did not highlight in green on purpose.  If you have a number or a letter you are a part of that relay team.

7. Open relays are a mix of Novice, Minor and Cadet so they will be on multiple tabs.

Again, the intent was to get the events out as soon as possible.  Once I have them from the timing company, I will send in a more consolidate format.


Coach Hays

Regional Event Meet Roster v.4

{Region 17 Meet Information}


Sunday May 15th – 1PM start time at Bishop Shanahan Track

Good morning, I wanted to send a brief reminder on the next steps for the season.  As you are all aware, this Sunday is our Region 17 Meet.  This is the first meet where they actually score the meet, so we have to use official rosters.  This means that your son or daughter may not be running in as many events and in some cases may be doing a different event.  As I have stated all season, we do our best to ensure everyone has at least one event in regions.

1. If your athlete is not able to make this Sunday’s event, please email me ASAP.  If your athlete is not able to participate in the next two event (Area Meet and CYO Championships on the 22nd of May and the 4th of June) please let me know ASAP!

2. A reminder as to why.  These events are now scored.  This means we can only enter 3 athletes per age group per event for boys and girls.  For Sunday’s the top 6 individuals per event, per age group for male and female athletes move on to Area’s.  Top 4 relay teams as well.  From there the top 8 individuals and top 6 relays move on from Area’s to Championships.  If you are not able to make all of the events we need to know immediately.

3. Rosters will be posted no later than tomorrow.  We are almost finished but have a few events that still need to be finalized.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I know it is a little confusing at first. I think it took me a year or two to figure it all out when I first got involved.

Coach Hays

For additional information on Region 17 Meet from our archives – click here.


{Meet 4 Results}

Meet 4 Results – Bishop Shanahan High School

Results Week 4[1] copy

{Today’s Meet}

Good morning all, thank you to all that helped in today’s service project.  For today’s meet we are going to do our best to hold the meet.  However we are going to combining both meets to one location.

So today’s meet for all schools is going to be held at Bishop Shanahan.  Do not go to Downingtown West.  Meet start time is the same, 1:00PM.  Due to the weather we expect a lighter turn out.  If you choose not to attend, we understand.  Shanahan has a turf infield so it is more prepared to handle the meet.

Should the weather turn for the worse and we decide to cancel the meet, I will send another email.  The weather forecast looks like it will be letting up early afternoon, so we should be ok.

Coach Hays

{Championship Season Information}


Sunday is our last practice meet of the season, it will also be the last meet to pick your events.  This means that it is time for the coaching staff to put together the official rosters for the championship season racing.  I have a few key points below to clarify how the meets work after the practice meets are complete.

Number of Events:

-Novices and Minors are able to compete in three events total.  If they are all running events, the total distance cannot exceed 3000M

-Cadets can compete in 4 events.  Again, if all running events they cannot exceed 3000M

Number of Meets:

-There are a total of 3 qualifying meets.

1. Regional Meet (This is the last meet the Sub-novices run and they only run the 100M)

2. Area Meet

3. CYO Championship Meet

*We will fill every slot for every event for the regional meet.

*To move from the regional meet to the area meet, you must finish in the top 6 for an individual event and the top 4 for a relay team.

*To move from the Area Meet to the CYO Championship meet you need to be in the top 8 individuals and top 6 relay team.

*We can only have 3 entries for each age group and gender per individual event. (example: for novice boys 100M, we can only have 3 entries.  Same for every individual event in every age group for both boys and girls)

*We are only allowed one relay team per age group, per gender.  With Alternates!

Meet Dates and Locations:

May 15, 2016 Division/Regional Championship Meets @ Bishop Shanahan

May 22, 2016 Area Championship Meets @ Plymouth Whitemarsh

June 4, 2016 Archdiocesan Championship Meet @ Franklin Field

*Please review these dates in detail. I am asking that you please let me know if you cannot attend any of the dates.  These are the meets that get scored so we need to ensure that we have all of the slots full.

*If you are on a relay team and are not able to make any of the three meets, please let me know asap.

I know this is a lot of information.  If you have questions, please either email me directly or see me at practice.

Best regards,

Coach Hays